The pizza that made the Brooklyn Bridge famous, is now the restaurant that’s making the West Rock Tunnel famous.

We are Grimaldi’s. And this is our story.

From 1890-1930, Italian’s flocked to the United States, creating legendary meccas in places like Brooklyn, New York and New Haven, CT.  With them came many massive cultural contributions, a zest for life, an unmovable spirit and energy, and a legacy of culinary greatness. In many ways, Italian Americans truly created the restaurant experience in the new world, and Grimaldi’s was an integral part of that wave.

We are fully dedicated to bringing you the italian classics you love, the way that you love them. Our italian american immigrant recipes have not changed since 1917- nor will they ever. We use only the finest & freshest local & Italian import meats, cheeses + sauces. We make everything from scratch, & this won’t change. It’s the reason our pizza has been voted one of America’s best for over 100 years, and now we seek to continue that tradition with our full menu.

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